Fresh Live 6 Pink Carnations And 12 Red & 12 Pink Roses Flowers




About this item

  • The package includes an exquisite arrangement of 6 pink carnations, 12 red roses, and 12 pink roses in a beautiful glass vase. Each flower has been carefully chosen for its color, fragrance, and beauty. The combination of these flowers creates a stunning and vibrant display that will brighten up any room.
  • This beautiful arrangement is perfect for a variety of occasions. It makes a thoughtful and romantic gift for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries, a beautiful centerpiece for weddings or bridal showers, and a heartfelt gesture for birthdays, graduations, housewarming events or just because. It’s also a great way to share the love and joy.
  • Each flower in this arrangement carries its own symbolism. Pink carnations symbolize gratitude and admiration, while red roses represent love and passion, and pink roses symbolize appreciation and joy. Together, they create a meaningful bouquet that expresses a range of emotions. The beauty of these flowers can also be appreciated simply for their aesthetic appeal.
  • To ensure the longevity of this arrangement, it’s important to keep the vase filled with fresh water and change the water every few days. Trim the stems at an angle to allow for better water absorption and remove any leaves that may be submerged in the water. Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight and heat sources to prevent wilting.
  • Gifting Suggestions:Whether it’s your mother, spouse, friend, or colleague, this arrangement is sure to bring a smile to their face. It’s a thoughtful gift that shows you care and appreciate them, regardless of the occasion. This beautiful arrangement is enough to brighten someone’s day.


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